Smoke & Mirrors 2: The Crack Baby


Includes EXCLUSIVE Smokers Testimony!

The 1980's and 90's Crack epidemic's spread through urban streets like the "Black" plague transforming our beautiful mothers and fathers into zombie like recidivists. Leaving a generation of children or "Crackbabies" in shattered parentless environments, often to repeat the same self destructive woes of their sickened predecessors.

Smoke&Mirrors 2: The CrackBaby is Cambattas personal drug induced testimony.

"The mental and physical predispositions inherited and cultured in a crack infested microcosm when expressed musically; create this projects' chaotic yet addictively rhythmic soundscape" - Cambatta

LSD, DMT, Shrooms, And copious amounts of medical grade Canibus were consumed and explored throughout the creation of this rhyme driven Soul quest. From beginning to end Cambatta vividly walks you through the mind set of a psychonaut. Beginning with the dark, "Sin" ridden dialogue of an Addict, progressing song by song to the awakened, enlightened expression of a Shaman.

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