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Inner Telescope IV 

What if Humans are just consciousness converters

The creator of nature was an artist and we are conscience 3 dimensional sculptures, meat 

It doesn't take talent to gain fame today it takes conformity

Science is a collection of recipes

Animals don't talk because they know the answers

You gotta die to understand life


Inner Telescope Verse III 

Half of all we do is the justify what we do don't

To simplify Observable Human activity, it can be generalized by four basic actions, laying, siting, standing, and walking/running. Everything else is just a variations of these positions.

What if the human experience is the highest evolutionary level , what if this is heaven..... And we fucked it up!

No man can definately answer any question beyond imaginable doubt, so it may be wiser to answer questions with even more provocative questions.


Inner Telescope Verse II 

This ego is a mask over the true face of your self conscienceness some mask are just more grotesque than others, nonetheless the sooner you unveil and lift the mask the more time you have to understand your face beneath it. Sadly most people won't experience this unveiling until the moment of their imminent death. 
- Cambatta

Inner Telescope Verse I 

To explain the unexplainable 

What if Your not actually you, in a sense the soul is the bodies subjective conversion of sun air earth water energies experienced in a single moment

You are The single master vibration of all absorbed and expressed frequencies at once

All neuron activity coagulated into a thought

Heart beat is the spiritual metronome to the song your instrument or body composes

What If your inner voice is the subconscious minds' impulsive neuron activity responding to nature and stress, and what we hear as inner voice is our conscious mind translating this information into language which is our primary tool of natural survival 

Animals primary consciousness 
Is kinda like human subconscious

Humans main controlling conscious is like the secondary mind of an animal 

For instance 

if you throw a steak on the ground animals are going to immediately devour it because they are using their animalistic brain as their primary survival tool

A human will look at that same steak and start to analyze it for dirt and bacteria, then wipe if off, take it in the house and recook it to kill the germs then bite it, get more grossed out and throw it to the dog , this is because the primary conscious mind we use to interface with reality can override our more impulsive  subconscious secondary minds effortlessly 

A sadly most humans I experience including myself on occasion allow their subconscious impulses to steer the "wheel" or will of the soul vessel into lustful and irresponsible directions, even though we are aware of the consequences. Almost like temporarily being remote access controlled by bad spirits.

For instances

If we know raw vegetables, fruits, and distillers water are so beneficial then why do we still eat mcdonalds?

What is addiction? Is it mental or physical? Could it be emotional or spiritual? What is the root problem? 
How much control over our human bodies do we have? Who is we? If I refer to my body as "my" that separates it as a possession of the I. So who am I? The one who sees through the eyes.