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  1. Marcus BARvey
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Amen ra
Batta god!
Shalom Shabbat
Jah allah
Dali lam poppa
Arm and hammer
make ya soft body rock
Drop a bomb
get my Sovereign on

I go to sleep inside a
Cryogenic chamber bed
Preserve my flesh so I don't die before I make some bread
Ill let dust from the angel spread
through my crazy head
I'll lick the coke off a Razor edge
And escape the Feds

Doggy paddle in the sea and make tidal wave
back stroke in a circle and cause a whirlpool
Current strong enough to set off lightning chain fire rain
My blow can derailing a iron train

I created every woman
with my rib bone
I'm absorbing radiation
with my skin tone
I'm just a stream of thought
that my skin holds
And you are not you
your just him cloned

Defying physics
Like a Giant midget
My Favorite measurement of time is minutes
Cuz all I need is 60 and the worlds hours (ours)
Every relic that you find in kemet I invented
I warp space So dark matter I'm tryna bended
If knowledge would good as cash how would you spend it
Africa diaspora I'm dying it
Africa diaspora I'm dying
I cover mother earths skin
With my genetic make up
I lash out but never mess her face up