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  1. Zeitgeist Haze II
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Cambatta returns from the deepest depths of his Spiritual sanctum to manifest and deliver the long awaited sequel to the prophetic masterpiece "Zeitgeist Haze". This hard hitting AraabMuizk produced stream of thought takes listeners on an vivid, abstract, sonic conquest through the wonders of metaphysics using mind bending wordplay and witty philosophical hyperbole. The DMT inspired psychedelic visual directed and filmed by Dustin Devars brings the hyper real experience to life!


Imagination so vivid
I can smoke imaginary blunts and get lifted
Keep up with the riddums, pianos in the distance
Playing in key of soul Blake Griffin
Hot 16's Kinara and Menorah
A martyr and explorer of the bible and the torah
Disciple of the Fivers to them Taoism auras
Sodom and Gamora, No condom in your daughter
Guillotine a shark yeah drowning him in water
The laws got my state of mind surrounded at the border
The mass don't matter so I'm at them with the inner G
Spark a L it's meant to set these new clear thoughts free
Wanna take a Molly? Cool! A couple oxys? gin?
Til Every part is cool at the party? cool
If it's you and I verses, then I on another level
Tesseracts 4th dimensional
Anything you wanna do the force will let you
Jedi, my light saber sword's a pencil
Is this a body or a vessel?
If it's vessel that means I'm a Maserati you're a Pinto
Annunaki got my mental traveling a astral plane
Age of Aquarius axis change
Even after you die the facts remain
We don't die just consider this a chapter change
Lifetime of hurt you adapt to pain
Point at any city on an atlas page
And there's nigga in worse shoes with half the change
And twice the grind at half your age
Imagine Vince Carter in his raptor days
Going over caps with game
I morph to the Black Ranger I'm Zack when raged
Til my nigga Pat pass the haze and I'm good
On the day l decide to commit suicide
The way I choose to die is fly a plane through the eye
Of a Bermuda Triangle
Heroic dose of them golden teachers on live cable and find angels
I'm an author to you writers
You aren't writers, my joint's tightest I'm arthritis
The archetype is the part titan I spark lightning
I tear apart lineman, I deserve the next four Heismans