Gimme money money
Gimme money money
Gimme money money

My Bitch so bad biggie would suck her daddies dick
He said that so don't be at me be mad at him
Gimme the loot gimme the booth gimme the Pad an pen
I Hit up my nigga to gimme the piff he delivery the sack for ten

There not a place inside my head in which Haven't been my energy alone can make the rings around Saturn spin im a elevate my game up to point that when I'm at the gym I'm take it to the rack on them shoot my head is at rim

Watch how easily I score on the d tho
Fadeaway from free throw Jordan on ehlo
Skin covered ego
Morpheus took me to the side he said batta I'm quite sure that your neo
Holler for kilo
I'm Black scar face like the singer seals cheeks fly like eagle
The prophet here he's goblin with a goblet beer the jive turkey that'll goblet his peer
Gotchu goo goo gaga filing google goggles with teers
The more words the commas appear the policies clear
My inner space is microcosms and spheres
I'm star with astromical glare batta is here

Oh my god
Ski beats massacre
Heat be accuate
like cici sabathias
No repeating after us
Speeze heat
pistol like he's Pete Maravich
smoke and mirrors bitch

We speak Arabic
Deep in heritage
King of my era
Tho I'm errorless
And perilous
Ct derelict
Weed speed heroine
All the things that turn you fiend seen various

Have you ever seen nigga shot in front you but lips is locked cuz if you snitch you shot and that's just what it
Have you ever seen so many keys
Medayin up in your kitchen at seven you'd heavy breathe and catch a freeze

That's what happens ghetto streets
visions like mr Wendell in a window in Tennessee
developments arrested they gone cripple you mentally
That vice that I'm gripping gonna kill me eventually so I'm scripting til my image is legendary then I'll die cuz if I love forever get to remember me
So tipsy when sippin the Hennessy I can't tell if that's a leprechaun midget with lepracey
Answer with a question like I'm winning at jeopardy
Systems rejecting me becausey skin is so ebony
Typical jealously
My Worse is where their pinnacles meant to as I sit hit a spliff of this heavenly