[Kenny Buttons]

Lay your head, no worries

Time will come

Life is a gamble, playing what it dealt though

I been down plenty but I’m up and stay ready ain’t much I can’t handle

Devil on my ass he keep trying to suck me up, take my life

God done pulled me from the depths of this hell too many times



Around the age of 5 was the very last time
I looked my father in the eyes before the nigga bounced
I was bout 6 when I seen my momma get her wig split
By some nigga she let in the house
I was 7 when I learned my first lesson bout sexing 

From the magazine collection underneath the couch
I was 8 when I learned about base 

It was Christmas I was looking for my presents and I found an ounce
I was 9 when I shot my first 9 in the backyard with my uncle John
Them was good times
I was 10 when I lost my best friend to a stray bullet 

That I heard was fired out that same 9
11 when I learned about heaven from the reverend 

When he told me that was where my homie probably was
I was 12 when I learned about hell 

Momma wasn't doing well, whole fam on a lot of drugs
13 I was smoking so much weed, I was basically a fiend
I was high as fuck everyday
14 I was on the sports team
But I quit it cuz I knew I wasn't going to the NBA
15 got pussy for the first time
And getting more pussy's only thing up on a nigga mind
16 started writing 16's niggas said I spit mean 

Bitches love it when a nigga rhyme

17 I ain't graduate but a nigga needed money
I was on the corner trying to slang trees
18 graduated to the base fiends 

Now I'm on to big money and great things
New whip on 18's, new chick, my chain swing
Caught up in the gang thing, trying to make my name ring
Even put a mask on, I let that AK ring
By the age of 19 I'm in sitting in that state bing


[Kenny Buttons]

Lay your head, no worries

Time will come

Those who’ve sinned against you

Soon will fall

I ain't get released til I was 21
Turned me to a monster I am no longer my mother's son
By the age of 22 I had my first child I ain't raising 

Now my mother got another son
I was 23 when my uncle called me 

And told me that my father died, but I ain't cry
24 I was sniffing so much caine, I was smoking so much dust 
All I thought about was homicide
25 I was sitting in the ER
I caught a shot from the kid that I robbed when I was 18
26 got addicted to the pills that the doctor gave me

I was struggling to stay clean
27 learned my lesson, I was back inside corrections
But I think it was a blessing in disguise though
Turned Christian for a second, then Islamic, met the brethren
But I had a lot of questions on my mind though
That religion couldn't answer started reading every book that I could find 

I'm getting smarter as my time goes
I was getting so much wiser, I could feel my soul is rising
I can finally look myself in the eyes though
Finally got paroled at 31
Trying to make connections with my son but he don't know me
He remind me of the old me when my father left me lonely 

So I started as his homie 

Schooled him to the lessons life showed me hoping later he'll console me
When he see me as a man and not a phoney
32 I turned a new leaf
My new queen pregnant she 32 weeks 

My son is living with me and his mother we speak
I helped her get off drugs, clean 32 weeks
Started up a program for the brothers in the streets
It's an outreach, free them with the knowledge we teach
Turning water into Henny
Everybody at the table getting bread and we eat
When they see you as a king 

Just be aware of all the envy and the jealousy it brings
Especially your team, it's usually the one that comes in second 

That develops a deceptive way of being
Left hand man he set me up
Went and talked to the forces and wet me up

Finally they murdered me at 33
Nigger Christ you heard of me