When it comes to lyricists, Cambatta should be one of the first names at the top of your list. It’s not just that he rhymes words together well, it’s the command of language and depth of knowledge on display.”

Andre G. (Impose Magazine)


At just 15, Cambatta was self-manifested while writing rhymes to escape the realities of his native New Haven, CT. The city is home to Yale University, the height of American privilege. Unfortunately, that privilege was bred from slaves carried on the Amistad and sustained by government-engineered oppression such as the crack epidemic. Living in that cross-section of the advantaged and the assailed profoundly affected Cambatta, whose resulting artistry has been commended by a who's who of outlets such as XXL, The Source, Complex and online blogs such as Sway's Universe, HipHopDX, DeadEndHipHop, AllHipHop/Maven, Nahright, and 2DOPEBOYZ.

After graduating high school, Cambatta left New Haven for Florida at 18. With no budget but an immense belief in self, he released his first project Visionary in 2008. The project – and his followup Visionary 2 mixtape -- received acclaim throughout the hip-hop blogosphere.

During that period, Cambatta pursued a spiritual awakening which resulted in a new way of being and his evolutionary Smoke & Mirrors mixtape collection. Smoke and Mirrors: The Porch was released in January 2013, while The Womb and The Crackbaby came in 2015. The projects showcased an insightful, intriguing contextualization of his upbringing which was in part stimulated by the use of mushrooms, marijuana, and other mind-altering substances.

By late 2015, Cambatta had reached a new plateau as an artist, becoming an affirmation of hip-hop's illuminatory power. He was performing for fellow truth seekers and intellectuals throughout the country. That ascension spurred his move from Florida to the mecca of New York in order to take his career even further. 2016 saw the release of Smoke & Mirrors DMT (Definitive Metagod Triology), a collection of the best songs from his beloved trilogy and previously unreleased songs.

New York's thriving conscious community further influenced his artistry. In 2017, he collaborated with producer Black Magik for The Holy Ghost EP. The EP was a majestic exploration of the universe and Kemetic science that was recognized as one of the top projects of the year by Complex. The Holy Ghost showcased a mastery of lyricism and the ever-expanding gulf.of mystical knowledge that makes Cambatta one of the best conscious rappers in hip-hop – and one of the most conceptually ambitious. The EP was followed up by Camballah Volume 1 in 2018 and the full length Holy Ghost 2 in 2019.

The long-awaited magnum opus LSD: Lunar Solar Duality, is available now on all DSP's via Mello Music Group.


Collaborations with: 

Joyner Lucas


Styles P

KXNG Crooked



Dead Prez

Kool G Rap

Chris Rivers

Immortal Technique

Ski Beatz

Previous events

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Nat Turner Day Festival Nat Turner Library, Drewryville, VA Nat Turner Library, Drewryville, VA
Memphis Bleek B.B. King Blues Club, New York, NY B.B. King Blues Club, New York, NY
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Bar Exam Rap Battles and Concert The Music Room, Atlanta, GA The Music Room, Atlanta, GA
LSD Experiment Tour Highline Ballroom, New York, NY Highline Ballroom, New York, NY
The Smoke & Mirrors Experience The Lizard Lounge @ The Chameleon, Lancaster The Lizard Lounge @ The Chameleon, Lancaster
 —  — Cambatta Presents : Smoke & Mirrors The Experience Kymberle Project, Brooklyn Kymberle Project, Brooklyn
Hip Hop For Tots Eagle Hotel, Quakertown Eagle Hotel, Quakertown
Underground Heroes Mini Tour | Orlando Sapphire Room, Orlando Sapphire Room, Orlando



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