For the past couple years I’ve seen tragedy at max 

It’s getting dark I hope my shadow can adapt

Family home went from a palace to a shack

Dilapidated castle to a trap

Daddy never had me on his lap

So when a male authority figure at me I’m casually reacting with attack 

I’ve always been this talented at rap

Only recently are niggas on me like I got a saddle on my back

Eve got her mouth on me like an apple in my sac 

Fully automatic chopping how I’m hacking with the MAC 

Mister robot with data I extract, trafficking the packs 

On the block chain ain’t no tracking me on that 

Travel back to Africa and back 

With the artifacts, blueprints, papyrus and maps

I'm like Indiana Jones but if Harrison was Black  

I’m just trying to keep my heritage intact 

Electron, Effects on 

Gen-etics long, 10x strong 

Rocks wilder than Red Meth song, vest Teflon 

Red Fez, sekmet spawn, techs get drawn 

Slaughter pigs on this redneck farm

Wake them up with a Fed Ex bomb

Separate head, neck, arm, chest, legs gone 

Body parts everywhere like on Sex Ed walls, medics called 

World looking like the next red dawn 

Smoke gas to the face like my head chevron it’s Cameron 

Aleon, I’m beyond luck 

Me on beyond Elon Musk

Me on beyond aeon flux

Breed all seed all queens I fucks

Evolving all thing I touch 

Me on see-saw fling y’all up. up

See Mars, see stars, see stardust 

See me in everybody, Murphy on Klump, yup

One Pac, Tupac, three Pac, none-chuck

Bruce Lee, Ali I punch, duck

Short arms can’t box with God 

My arms long enough to beat god up if he got shrunk 

LSDMT I puff out cloud that I be on

And pee on Trump

I’m the bully in the back of the retard bus 

In front of a starving man I eat my lunch

Munch grey poupon, dijon brunch

So many slaves I don't need my thumbs 

Press tab on tongue like a Reebok pump, jump

Jew man, jumanji on mush

John D. on dust, all this money I touch 

It should read in me I trust 


[Nomxolisi Ndlangana]

Mother moon,
Coat my throat with spirits that can only be found at the palms of dead legends

that now live in the cosmos,
For far too long we have buried our rites in this western plight to fly amongst stars

and stand besides czars
At costs too high to land softly; 

We have forgotten we are luminous, rousing lunar gods under one God,
We must go back, we must go back to get tomorrow right. 
Young man, 

Light a match, 

start a fire and burn;
You are the sun my moonpie will soothe.

Abandon all biased system functions
And welcome to the introduction, 
An LSD induction
We are now at Cameron junction,
This art serves as a spiritual function,
Sun, son, son…