Most loners are alone I feel all one
Not half of one, the whole where the half is from
A hole is but a circle which is actually none
I'll go back to one before two
4, 2 forty two, fortitude, add them then it's 6
6 atoms, 4 and 2 is 8
Infinity when vertical, Zer O with a twist
Like a toras or a Möbius strip
It's the holy of the of the holier glyphs
Number 9 is a 1 with his nose on his dick
Number 2 is synonymous with more than just shit 

Do-du-ality when the polar is split
Cross sun's your solar eclipse
Devil ate teens that know the 3 six
Deep thesis
The Zero is a egg
With the capacity of hatching to any fraction imagined In your brain

I'm doing numbers
I'm doing numbers
I'm doing number
My mathematics are forcing you to wonder

Number 1 is depicted with a straight line
The quickest way to travel within space time
Number 2 is a 1 on his knee praying
To itself 1's a capital I
Number 3 is like an open set of hand cuffs
Trial tried him 8 when clamped up
Upper case Q is a zero when it's pissing
Lower case q is a 9 when it stands up
Letters are just numbers, and words are like algebra formulas 

That your brain processes to makes colors
Atoms are just pixels 

And DNA's coding that's activated by light and then crystallizes within you

64 codons
6 plus 4 like the bits in my ten do I play Mario on
10 said 1 marry O
New miracles, 11's 1 in the mirror though
Merry go round like the sun do
Time starts with a 1, ends with a 1 too
Or 12 slowed down
Toooo wealth's what I run to
Fore word, like the word fore, the hole in 1...2
Like 3 4's, number of disciples of the king lord
Figures that I bring forth
5 like the points in the pentagram
You flip it the image is goat-headed man
Baphomet supreme 5 power yes
The balance between Ra and Set
Ra set, reset god in flesh
5 letters when allah is text
5 fingers 5 toes and they all in set
Like 2 arms 2 legs head star when they all are stretched
I guess you can say I'm obsessed

Counting down to my conscious death, bless

I'm doing numbers
I'm doing numbers
I'm doing number
My mathematics are forcing you to wonder


When I think about what numbers are
My brain gets numb bizarre
One solo SOL, Latin for sun and star
The sum of your birth numbers is what you are
My social security is a vin number
My body is a running car...bon based organism
My dimension is the 4th edition
At 4:44 I be portal shifting
I measure time with the silence before the ticking
I'm the first before the second before the minute
You don't get it when I fidget with these digits
I'm too cold with numb burrs, frigid
Numb birth labor with the painkillers
I'm a priest scripting, listen
Six is Sex
Six is legs which insects steps
Sick like incest sin
Inception of the sixth sense in since six sensations
Scarred like a sensei shin
3rd rock finished only six days in
Rested on the 7th like a sick day in
In Days Inn room I predict they sin
A little acid out the big basin
I took the trip that shift majins
You see Z, I see 2 7's
A triangle's a 7 in reflection
According to my middle school calculator
Seven million, seven hundred thirty four thousand
Two hundred and six people will go to hell
Whoever coded this reality wrote it well
1 is a phallus, 0 is a yoni
They made 8 kids and the family is growing


I'm doing numbers
I'm doing numbers
I'm doing number
My mathematics are forcing you to wonder