I'm back from the death, I don't have to repent, I don't ask for the breath

Life is of gradual steps and I feel like the last one is next

But they knock me down, a nxggxr just a king without a crown

I'm so hungry I don't need to speak I let my stomach growl, you just wonder how

Melanin lord, the sun is my energy source, the one that the devil informs

My head full of thorns, I'm stuck in this twenty first century war

Lucidly thinking, lucy the juice that I'm drinking, hallucinate truth and its meaning

I view what computers are dreaming, unusual humanoid heathen

Delusional even, at funerals chiefing, I laugh in a room full of grievance

My hugest achievement is proving that music is fluent as breathing


I give them life

I give them life

From the dark, I give them life

Nxggxr Chrxst


My body is cybernetic, oxygen is a psychedelic

Make it move kind of like kinetics, make the coke hard like I'm it's fetish

Now my wifey jealous

Ghetto sophistication in my mental configuration

Pissing yellow precipitation on your head while I'm in a spaceship 

Til I'm feeling weightless

Higher learning got me sipping Remy, shooting banks up cuz a rapper poor

I'll be at your door with a MAC or more like the cracker rapper or the Apple store

You would think I'm Cinderella's prince, cuz I'm going door to door with the pump

If the shoe fits let it ring, street sweeper like a broom so you better jump

Jump off with the tramp on lean, plus 2, that's a triple tuck

Grip a pump, it's a UFO with a laser beam that'll lift him up, up, up

Alienate you, you gonna think that an alien ate you

Eat you so fast that I barely can taste you

I can see you scared, the fear in your facial

Thank you


I give them life

I give them life

From the dark, I give them life

Nxggxr Chrxst


I turn vices to virtues, call it eyelid reversal, I wake up your light and resurge you

I restore the sight in your third view my science is verbal

From deep in the silence I birth you, circle divided by circle

Inside of a cypher of circles like vesica piscis I merge you, the cycles converge you

When God used his joy stick to guide me,

He played so hard that he numbed his thumbs

I'ma hit a lick like I punched a tongue, I'm as sharp as the knife Jay stuck in Un

Crew iller I'm the hundred one, I got hungry lungs

Me versus the whole world's population still feels like a one on one

You see impossible, I see I'm possible, momma look at what I could do

Body the obstacles, Batta Muhammad the Honorable

Khalid Muhammad on Donahue


I give them life

I give them life

From the dark, I give them life

Nxggxr Chrxst