Black Tesla, first name Niggerla

Wizardous, gifted magician you get to live amongst

They say indigenous knowledge is from the visitors***

When really we just tapping in algorithms from within us

Hidden from getting clutched by the wicked ones

I'm the only physician it's not forbidden from

Paulo Coelho's literature's living syllabus

It's synchronous, I sit on the treasure before I dig it up

Writing til my back hunched over like Spina Bifida

Calligrapher, when writing Leviticus I was in a rush 

Feel epiphanies tickling in my viscera 

Mythical cinema with nonfiction insignia

I'll invent an artificial brain

So close to mine it's arguably the same

I'll invent a sound modulator that can stop it when it rains

And a magnet that can shift how astronomy's arranged

The other day while getting high on the couch

I invented a water filter that takes hydrogen out

The CIA surrounded every side of my house

They heard I got the hidden secrets to what life is about

I'ma gather all the brightest mechanical engineers

And convince them to build me a super telescope

With this telescope I can debunk

Every astronomical ideology ever spoke

Nasa wanna peak, I'ma tell them nope

Space X wanna look, I'ma send them quotes

Free viewing for the woke and ascended folks

Rewrite every science book ever wrote


Black Niggerla Tesla

Greatest of the non-living living inventors

Thomas Edison was just a wicked embezzler

And Benjamin Franklin's a sick kiddie molester

They call me Niggerla Tesla

Never am I witnessed in a physical venture

Only as a hologram in digital lectures

But even when you hidden the reptilians catch ya


Pocket knife crafted with Damascus steel

Watch easily I skin a gator like an apple peel

My IQ would lead you to believe

That my daddy used to microdose acid in my happy meal

Light blunts with the fire that be blasting out the back of a Batmobile

I actually have for real

I'm currently blueprinting a watch

That does more than just ticking and tocks

It creates a forcefield that's resistant to the pistol and glocks

You can safely talk shit to the cops, I giggle at shots

I'll invent a form of corn on the cob

So you'll never need more than you got

Swallow kernels whole, shit them out, stick them right back on the cob

Rinse it off, having one is an unlimited crop

You better give me my props

I might be the most innovative nigga we got

I can hand carve a whistle from rock

That can make a sound in a pitch that can lift up a yacht

The fabric in my new cloth can wipe the soles of your shoes off

And make them smooth enough that anyone can moonwalk

Just had a new thought, never seen a pig fly

I should put cybertronic wings on a huge hog

Tell your wife I got a tampon that vibrates

I'll make a bottle of wine from one dry grape

My iPhone battery lasts nine days

I see music in tetrahedrons and sine waves

I use words as joysticks for mind games

My spirit is so much older than my brain

Best invention since record players

It's called a quantum synthetic voice replicator

Speech emulator, this ain't even me speaking

But I'm synthesized so well that I was never greater

I coded it as a seventh grader

The prototype was designed with the same tech as Vader's

Creativity is second nature

I used to blow up shit in my yard and upset the neighbors

Experiments in the basement and held the deadly vapors

Solar's easy, made a lunar electric generator

Mom asked God for a prophet when she said her prayers

She was pregnant seven seconds later


She named me Niggerla Tesla

My theorems give the sharpest mathematicians dementia

I see reality before the image can render

Squinting my retina, vision bigger than Kepler's


They call me Niggerla Tesla

The biggest ideas need an even bigger investor

My current fee is set at a billion dollars an hour for encrypted voice chat

Each additional minute is extra


The name's Niggerla Tesla

My newest device drops next middle December

Presenting you a pain-free midget extender

Make a fat dwarf tall, skinny and slender


When I'm whipping a Tesla

Multiple rhymes, I'm a twelve syllable stretcher

Ghost in my mind like a self inner Alexa

Woke up inside cyber realms mythical sectors


Not your typical Tesla

Put a rocket engine on a miniature Vespa

Digit collector, rare critter protector

The beetle key is the levitation gift of the Khepera



(Reality is)

The earth is yours so don’t let your inner power unfold

(Reality is)

The only real access we have is our own minds

(Reality is)

it’s more than energy

(Reality inside)

Inside this physicality

(Reality is)

Now that you’re waking up we’re here to let you know it’s your time


(Reality is)

We made everything

(Reality inside)

All around us