Kovid 24


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According to the medical science of optometry 20/20 Is a measurement that refers to your visual acuity, which is the clarity or sharpness of your vision. Synchronistically since 2020 started the entire world's perception of reality has been forever changed. So far, we are amidst what has been arguably the most paradigm shifting and devastating

According to the medical science of optometry 20/20 Is a measurement that refers to your visual acuity, which is the clarity or sharpness of your vision. Synchronistically since 2020 started the entire world's perception of reality has been forever changed. So far, we are amidst what has been arguably the most paradigm shifting and devastating year experienced by modern man. Starting with the death of one of the greatest basketball players of all time Kobe Bryant along with his young daughter Gianna. This terribly unfortunate loss preceded the spread of a worldwide Kovid/Korona Pandemic panic of biblical portions only to be followed by the political anarchy and riots of the George Floyd death.

Kovid 24, is a 10 minutes and 24 seconds lyrical sternutation that is as relentless and infective as the COVID virus Cambatta vehemently describes and deconstructs throughout this bloody gem filled ballad. The twisted spine chilling beat is produced by The Heretic and it sounds like an endless bad dream, reflective of the worlds current quarantined fear-ridden psychological condition.

Cambatta ingeniously connects and threads the corona/covid virus with the death Kobe Bryant and the George Floyd riots using clever word play. Digging deep into etymology, numerology, symbolism and several related reference points Cambatta makes keen observations and weaves them all together while keeping the integrity of the multiple syllabic rhyme scheme. Even the length of the song which is 10:24 or 10 = 8+2 and 24 which are Gianni's Jersey number and both of Kobe’s. Only the most intelligent listening will be able to connect every dot! Kovid 24 was created to be spread!

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I can hear it even though it’s quiet

Nothing’s more unbearable than total silence

Until you’re getting buried you don’t know what life is

You probably won’t experience what old and wise is

Mind, body, soul divided

I saw my body dying as a ghost beside it

In your lowest light is when you glow the brightest

And when your soul is psychic there are no surprises

The poltergeist I go for guidance

Showed us in a global crisis, hopefully we’ll know what Christ is

Alpha and omega like the revelation holy scribe and

Every other omen ever wrote describes it

Apocalypse is close arriving, everyone you know’s invited

Fight it but you won’t survive it

Should I die with everyone or just be lonely dying?

The questions of a Buddah at a Bodi Ficus

2020 is unfolding like it’s

2012 and it’s the shift from out the scrolls of Mayans

Bodies piled so high you’ll need a goat to climb it

The buffet is all you can eat for the vulture diet

A flu is airborne like a locust flight is

Pandemic is a plague that Jehovah strikes with

I don’t know the science, but I know that ain’t a cold inside your nose and sinus

Homie that’s Coronavirus

I was told it’s like if a SARS prototype is

Cloned and spliced with an ebola and pneumonia hybrid

The nineteenth version of the COVID’s twice as potent as the other older COVIDS

That were grown beside it

Symptoms and a diagnosis like this

Sound worse than what the multiple sclerosis kind is

Lungs got that lymphoma tightness

Choking ‘cause you lost your breath and now you don’t know where to go to find it

Roll it but I don’t ignite it, only sober ‘cause my respiratory system

Will explode if I put smoke inside it

COVID got me choking like my throat is vice gripped

Vocal pipe is closed it’s like it’s tighter than when clothes are dry fit

Choking like Seattle coach decided in the Super Bowl to throw

Instead of telling Beast Mode to drive it

Choking like I’m ocean diving and my H2O supply is

Low as the locker of Davy Jones the pirate

Probably got Coronavirus

Coughing in the grocery line at Costco can provoke a riot


I buy the bulky sizes

So my toilet paper roll supply is big enough to TP a total island

I don’t know the science,

But the origin I’m told is China’s Wuhan market where the local buyers

Get the Pangolin and the bat meat for lower prices

Next door to where the poachers sold Exotic Joe his tigers

Right across from where the decomposing swine is

In a laboratory where the pink GMO poultry slime is

I don’t know the science

But the radiation in these 5G phone devices isn’t like the solar kind is

It makes your home a giant microwave home appliance

Making your immune system vulnerable to COVID virus

Apparently Corona’s more contagious than the classic Ronald Isley song

That R. Kelly boned his wife is

Since we’re on the subject of R. Kelly now

A bottle of Corona Light is golden like a bowl of my piss

I’ll make sure you see me wash my hands

I’m told the virus is more viral than a socialite is

Isolated in quarantine locked down

It can turn a cozy home into a hole in Rikers

I’m so alone in my crib

I’m paranoid preparing for home intruders on some real Macaulay Caulkin type shit

Only socializing with the hoes I skype with

Unless I’m in that glass box that the Pope arrives in

Face mask Michael Jackson used to go outside with

I feel like OJ with the gloves but I know that mine fit

Same gloves he holds the knife with that Nicole was sliced with

When OJ was a Trojan he was holding Heisman

Trophy golden as the Trojan that goes over my dick

Which is just a rubber glove I use for poking white chicks

Circle circle dot dot, now I got my cootie shot

You get diseases if you don’t recite this

Would you rather have to have an STD or get Coronavirus?

And what if HIV was promoted like this?

I thought it was placebo and they overhyped it

‘Til I seen the dead people Haley Joel would vibe with

I don’t know the science

But I heard they got a treatment and they won’t prescribe it

I even heard that Bill Gates owns a patent for a vaccine to load inside us

Mandatory on some global wide shit

Even if you think that you don’t have it you might be asymptomatic

And still spread it ‘cause you hold the virus

See doctor for your doom, I’m OK MD

Be MF in metal mask, you know the flow is gross when I spit


Mask on me like The Purge movie

And you know I like scripts

Mask on me Zorro I swipe swift

Same mask I do most my crimes with and earn my soldier stripes with

Cam Hamburglar so the coke I buy crisp

Big MAC, gloves on me like hamburger helper on the stove that I whip

Masking tape on the low that I ship

Overseas where even Captain Phillips got Coronavirus

Mankind without a mask is a deathmatch

COVID in your mouth like socko it’s Mick Foley time bitch

Dark nights got them wearing masks that can scare crows

Fuck a batman kind in a Nolan type flick

Mask over my lips like the Joker’s tight stitch

Rosy bright grin, if he laughs from a joke they might rip

Heath Ledger overdosed and died quick

Much better than dying slow from Coronavirus

V ill in mask, got a vendetta

With who wrote the virus

If you write it without the “v” then it’s only irus

Like the one on the pyramid with the open eyelid

Novus ordo seclorum the all seeing illuminati control the blinded

Vision is 2020 like focused sight is

If David from the bible that was stoning giants had Coronavirus

He could cough and K.O. Goliath

Topple over titans by coughing at them

From closer than the social distancing limit that I don’t comply with

Which I’m told is like six feet

Like the deepness of a coffin when I go inside ditch

Six feet is six inches lower than what Kobe’s height is

Standing up in his grave, the ground is where his shoulder height is

Six feet is two plus four, if you multiply six

With quatro you might get

Two four, which is eight like the number Kobe wore turning pro in ‘96

Which is four twenty four’s in a row combined it

He was seventeen, which is eight like two four’s

Or the twenty four worn by older Bryant

Won over Mike with a two-three on

Add them then it’s five, cinco b, show his right fist

Five rings, one below what Mike’s is

Which is six, like two and three if you multiply it

Kobe’s life was short so we posterized it

Only thing worse than Coronavirus is Kobe’s pilot

Corona means crown and the only size is

Custom made fit for a king ‘til you dethrone the highness


Like exactly what the night before Kobe died is

That’s when King James took his scoring title over Bryant’s

Right below Kareem and Malone but still close behind it

Points looking like the death toll for the COVID virus

All four wore purple and yellow like Kobe Bryant

Corona is a crown which is royal

Like the symbol on a Crown Royal bottle which is gold and violet

Laker colors in Cali where all the gold in mines is

Same state where the Kings wear mostly violet

Like the clothing by Prince

Crown golden as the Warriors and Kobe’s cyrus

Kali is a goddess that controls how time ticks

In his twenty four carat gold Rollie that I hold on my wrist

Looking like he got too close to Midas

If he touch you, you got it, the Midas story coincides with the Coronavirus

He was a king like the cobra type is

Same species as the Black Mamba alter ego of Bryant

More deadly than a cobra bite is

If I opened a Corona with my teeth

I might have to get a golden dental crown for the molar I chip

Crown like a king, not Gayle that was Oprah’s side bitch

She was the one that was interviewing Lisa Leslie

Asking inappropriate questions about Kobe Bryant

A corona is the halo of the sun that it glows and shines with

Sun rays that are shaped like a rose’s spikes is

Raise son from a seed, like a rose it rises

Got a crown full of thorns, if you close it might prick

Corona for the sun like the one on the Daniel Son headband

After throwing high kick at the Cobra Kai kid

Motorcyclist on the road to righteous

While the COVID virus pass around the ghetto like a stolen bike is

George Floyd didn’t have Coronavirus

But he couldn’t breathe

He had a knee lodged where his neck bone and spine is

Derek Chauvin made sure his torso was lifeless

Held him down for eight minutes which coincided right back to Kobe Bryant

The other cops just watched with no excitement

All they got was props and no indictments

Murdered a man and got an overnight bid

One of them was Asian like the COVID virus

As I quote the mindless Trump

Police are almost as racist as Joseph Biden

And I don’t vote because the polls are bias, yup


They blaming Black folks for the Minnesota riots

But all I see is whites doing most the violence

Black vs. white, new disease called CO-Vitiligo like Mike’s skin

I think Kobe Bryant should be the new logo design in

The NBA but with the fro inside it

Birds are not real they’re just drones in bird cloak disguises

Choose one, get rid of the Coronavirus, bring back Kobe Bryant

I don’t know what I’d pick

I arrived in a floating sky ship